About Us

The Current Senior Partners of D Faulkner Springs are June, Andy and Peter Faulkner.

The business was established in the early 1970s by June’s brother, Barry Jarvis and his business partner, Charlie Turner. Both had been in the springs industry since the start of the 1950s and they recognised that the growing demand for competition race springs presented an opportunity for standardisation. They then involved June’s husband, the late David Faulkner, who took over the business in 1974 and renamed it D Faulkner Springs.

It has remained in the family since and is now run by his sons, Andy and Peter. In 2012 the 3rd generation, David’s Grandson Sam, joined the business on a part time basis, before joining full time in 2014.

From the start, the Company has been one of the main suppliers of suspension springs and wire clips to competitors not just in the UK but throughout the world. All branches of the sport are catered for from motorcycling to Touring Cars, Formula One and Indy Cars.

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