General Information

Quantity Discount

1-5 NIL    6-9 10%    10-20 15%     21-31 20%     32-40 25%     40 PLUS 30%
For any coil spring not covered by this list please enquire.
Payment with order, carriage and VAT to be added.
Coil springs for most Saloon cars available or can be produced to specifications supplied.

General Information

All springs are priced as individual items. For any spring not covered by these prices please enquire. Payment can be made with most debit or credit cards, Paypal or BACS (Bank Transfer). Carriage and VAT to be added to these prices. Coil springs for most saloon cars available or can be produced to specifications supplied.

Material Specification

Springs are made from the highest quality Chrome Vanadium, Silicon Chrome and Silicon Magnesium ground bar. A comprehensive range of sizes is stocked at our works, which is essential to enable quick deliveries to be made.

Quality Control

All deliveries of steel are certified to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used. These show cast and analysis details which are recorded and checked.

Heat Treatment and Shot Peening

All springs prior to finishing undergo tightly controlled hardening and tempering processes to ensure minimum decarbonisation and this is followed by shot peening, which increases the fatigue life of the spring.


Most suspension springs require the design to give the maximum travel from the free length to solid or “bump” length. The design takes into account the parameters such as outside diameter, bar diameter and number of coils.

Powder Paint

We have our own in house powder paint facility, this enables us to improve the appearance and finish of our suspension springs.

All stock is a Black Polygloss Finish apart from the Helper springs range which are blue and yellow. We stock other colours such as red, white etc. If you require any springs painted in these colours, there is an additional charge and notice is required.

If you would like your springs powder coated before dispatch, please include Powder Coating for each spring that you would like coated when placing your order.

If you need other parts powder coated or have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ink Jetting

Most suspension springs can now be ink jetted with a brand name, specific part number or team name. There is a small charge for this service which adds professionalism if reselling the products.

If you would like your springs ink jetted before dispatch, please include an Ink Jet Label for each spring that you would like printed when placing your order.

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