Safety Clips and Shock Clips

Sprung clips for any use

We are able to supply safety clips, ie R Clips and Wheel Clips. Other clips often made are shock absorber clips.

All clips are manufactured from either hand drawn spring wire or stainless wire depending on the customers specification.

Spring clips are cold formed and stress relieved after manufacture. Small hand tools are used for shaping of the bend and legs. They are finished with Powder Paint, usually red or yellow. The quantities can be from 10 – 1000’s. Delivery time will be quoted at the time of the enquiry. The prices vary according to quantity and to the number of working bends and coils in the spring design.

Shock absorber clips are manufactured in hard drawn spring wire, galvanised wire, or stainless. Depending on the material used they can be Zinc plated. Again prices vary according to quantity.

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